Universal material tensile testing machine (gantry type/computer type)

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Product Usage:

Computer-type universal material testing machine, also known as (tension and pressure testing machine), is widely used in various materials such as plastics, hardware, metals, rubber, footwear, leather, clothing, insulators, wires, terminals, glass, etc., to test their tensile strength. , Compression, bending, shearing, tearing, fracture, peeling, compression, puncture and other mechanical performance tests, and can also achieve constant stress, constant strain, creep, relaxation, axial, radial and other multi-closed-loop tests. Parameters such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, constant elongation stress, constant stress elongation, elastic modulus and other parameters can be automatically calculated according to GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standards. Using the WINDOWS XP system, the test condition parameters or test result report parameters can be expanded indefinitely, and the test results are saved in batches as Excel table data. Display the test curve in real time, store and analyze the measured data, and print the report curve. With flexible interface and control methods, it can draw various special curves.


Adopt high-performance servo motor and planetary gearbox. It has the effects of heat resistance, bass, shock, etc., and high-speed and high-frequency positioning functions. It is matched with a timing belt to provide high-precision, low-noise rotation combination, ensuring 100,000 times without drift. With a variety of protection methods, it can make the experiment run safely and reliably. The operation is simple with the shuttle speed adjustment, and it can be controlled quickly within the load range. The imported German milled ball screw can eliminate noise and machine resonance, and cooperate with the timing pulley to ensure the level of displacement of the cross bar and the uniformity of the force on the test piece.

According to the standard

This testing machine is based on GB/T 16491-2008, GB/T12160-2002, GB/T16825-2008 standards. Constant speed, fixed displacement, constant load, constant load rate, constant stress rate, constant stress, constant strain rate, constant strain, stress rate→strain rate plus multiple stages conversion control menu can be freely combined into infinite kinds of multi-level control Mode: Displacement>=, Displacement<=, Load>=, Load<=, Yield Point, Breakpoint Ratio, Stress>=, Stress<=, Strain>=, Strain<=, Cycle and Nested Cycle Control, etc.

Product parameters:





Capacity selection kgf

50, 100, 200, 500

1000, 2000, 5000

10000, 20000, 50000

unit switching

g, kg, idf , n, kn

load resolution

1/200000 or 1/300000

Loading accuracy


Maximum stroke (without fixture)


effective width


test speed


speed accuracy


displacement decomposition


Data sampling frequency



Fully closed-loop professional computer system test software

Transmission mechanism

Servo motor + Taiwan Shangyin ball screw + synchronous wheel

Volume volume (length*width*height)







power supply

220v, 15A, 20A, can be country-specific or specified

Optional accessories

Fixtures, extensometers, large deflection, computer

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