Electromagnetic vibration table vertical + horizontal (touch screen control) : model YW-ZD-500 series

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Product Usage:

Vibration testing machine is a sharp tool to improve product quality. It simulates various vibration environments encountered by products in the manufacturing, assembly, transportation and execution stages to verify whether the product can withstand environmental vibration. It is suitable for electronics, electromechanical, optoelectronics, It is a rare testing machine for you to improve product quality and reliability for the research, development, quality control and manufacturing of various industries such as communications, computers, automobiles, toys, and packaging.

Product parameters

FM range (Hz): 5~400

Vibration axis: vertical

Sweep frequency range (Hz): 5~400

Excitation mode: electromagnetic excitation

Maximum acceleration (m/s2): 170

Control mode: touch screen control

Maximum test load (kg): 40

Operating mode: fixed frequency, frequency sweep

Maximum no-load displacement ( mmp -p ) : 0~5

Sweep mode: linear

Vibration waveform: sine wave

Cooling method: air cooling

Table size mm:


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