RAC paper tape abrasion tester

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Product Usage:

This machine is suitable for the wear resistance test of mobile phones, PDA , MP3 , CD players, laptop computers and various surface coating samples. The load is 275G, 175G, 55G, after rolling unoiled paper or tape and friction with the sample Distinguish its grinding at a certain number of revolutions. The effect of consumption.

Product parameters:

Test load: 55G, 175G Counter: Rotary counter, LED counter (number of times can be set, 0~9999 times) Paper tape use: paper tape (used in general test) width 11/16', each roll of paper tape can be tested 1800 times machine Table size: 530*490*410MM Machine weight about: 20KG Power supply: AC 1∮ 220V 50/60HZ 500W

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