High-acceleration impact testing machine/collision test bench

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Product Usage:

The impact test bench adopts the free fall method of classical mechanics to simulate the actual use environment, which is accurate and realistic. It is suitable for the impact resistance test of large test pieces in the fields of aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, electronics, automobiles and other industries and scientific research. Shock waveform can be selected: half sine wave; rear peak sawtooth wave; trapezoidal wave. The system is free of foundation, adopts imported air springs for anti-vibration, hydraulic damping, and is easy to install and use. It has no effect on peripheral equipment. It adopts gas-liquid pressurization, strong friction brake and anti-secondary impact mechanism, and the test is accurate and safe and reliable , meeting: GB2423.5, GJB150 IEC68-2-27 and other standards.

Product parameters:

Maximum test load (kg): 100

Shock waveform: half sine wave, trapezoidal wave, rear peak sawtooth wave

Collision peak acceleration (m/S2) A half sine wave: 150~ 6000 B trapezoidal wave: 100~ 1500,

C Back peak sawtooth wave: 100~1500

Pulse duration ( ms ): A Half sine wave: 2~20

B trapezoidal wave: 6~25

C Back peak sawtooth wave: 4~18

Maximum drop height (mm): 50~1500

Anti-secondary impact device: air pressure, oil pressure, friction brake device

Table size (mm): 700×700

Table weight (kg): about 3200

Power supply voltage: three-phase AC 380V ±10% 50Hz

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