Drop Tester: Model: YW-DL-150

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Product Usage:

Test the damage of the product package by falling, and evaluate the impact strength during transportation and handling, and perform a free drop test on the surface, corner and edge of the package, in line with the ISO 2248 JIS Z0202-87 GB/T4857.5-92 standard.

Single arm drop test machine         Double Arm Drop Tester                     Large non-standard testing machine

Product parameters:

Drop range: 300~1500 (2000)

Altitude display accuracy: ±1%

Drop method: edge, face, corner

Motor power: 1/2HP

Test space: 1000*800*1000 (mm)

Machine weight: 460kg

Host size: 1700*1200*2500 (mm)

Power supply: AC 380V 50Hz

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