Battery weight impact testing machine

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roduct use: The battery weight impact test machine is designed to simulate the impact force that the battery can withstand before the battery is installed in the mobile phone or before the battery is installed. Whether the battery will explode or catch fire after being impacted is used to evaluate the safety performance of the battery.

Standards: UL1642, UN38.3, GB31241-2014 .

Product parameters:

1. Falling ball weight: 9.1kg, 10KG

2. Drop height: 25-1000MM

3. Horizontal bar: 15.8mm, observation window size: 30×30cm

4. Inner box material: SUS#304 stainless steel plate

5. Outer box material: cold-rolled steel with baking paint treatment

6. Filling material: glass wool

7. Compression: 1 piece of silicone foam compression

8. Air outlet: 150mm on the back of the cabinet

9. Box door: single door, double-layer door, open observation window, cold handle door lock

10. Upper and lower impact surfaces: steel plate

11. Power supply: 1∮, AC220V, ф5A

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