Battery Extrusion Tester

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Product use: The battery extrusion test chamber simulates the extrusion of various power lithium batteries during use, and artificially presents the different conditions that may occur when the battery is subjected to extrusion. This machine is controlled by microcomputer, and its characteristic is that it can keep the maximum value, can store 12 groups of test values, and has a delay function.

Standards: IEC62133-2012, UL1642, UN38.3, GB31241-2014 .

Extrusion test:

After the battery is fully charged according to the test method specified in 4.5.1, place the battery in two planes and squeeze it perpendicular to the direction of the plate. A pressing force of 13.0KN±0.2KN is applied between the two plates. Once the pressure reaches The extrusion test can be stopped when the maximum value is reached, and the battery cannot be short-circuited externally during the test. When the cylindrical battery is squeezed, its longitudinal axis is parallel to the two flat plates. For the square battery and pouch battery, only the wide surface of the battery is squeezed. The button battery is subjected to the extrusion test with the upper and lower sides parallel to the two flat plates. Refer to Figure 2 below for the placement of batteries in the test. 1 sample only do extrusion test once

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