Battery high altitude low pressure test box

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Product use: The battery high-altitude and low-pressure simulation test box is designed for the test requirements of UL , EN , IEC and other standards. The purpose of the test is to simulate the battery under the condition of low air pressure (11.6KPA air pressure ) to see if the battery will leak. Cracks, fires, etc. The battery high-altitude and low-pressure simulation test box reaches the low-pressure storage state of the sample in a short period of time, and can automatically control the test cycle, monitor the change of the air pressure in the box throughout the process, and realize the automatic termination of the test . Standards: IEC62133-2012, UL1642, UN38.3, GB31241-2014.

Product parameters:

Inner box size: 30*30*30CM (or specified)

Pointer type vacuum degree control gauge, the minimum pressure range is 1kPa , commonly used 11.6KPA , every time from 1min to 100h , the box door is sealed with high temperature resistant silicone sealing ring Safety observation glass: there is a toughened glass observation window on the box door, the user can Observing the inside of the box clearly

Safety device: built-in pre-overpressure safety device, using a pressure reducing valve to achieve overpressure safety protection

Power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz

Standard configuration: 1 vacuum box, 2 standard racks, 1 vacuum pump, flexible

4 movable corner wheels

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