Battery Acupuncture Testing Machine

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Product use: The battery acupuncture test box checks the safety performance of the battery through the acupuncture test, and judges the experimental results through real-time test data (such as battery voltage, battery surface maximum temperature, and pressure video data). After the acupuncture test, the battery should not catch fire. No explosion, no smoke; it is also an indispensable testing equipment for battery manufacturers and research institutes.

Standards: IEC62133-2012, UL1642, UN38.3, GB31241-2014

Acupuncture test:

1.Single battery is charged according to the method in 6.1.3 ;

2.Use Φ5m~ Φ8mm Resistance high temperature steel Needle ( the cone angle of the needle tip is 45°~60°, the surface of the needle is smooth, free of rust, oxide layer and oil stain), at a rate of (25±5) mm/ s Speed, penetrate from the direction perpendicular to the battery plate, the penetration position should be close to the geometric center of the punctured surface, and the steel needle stays in the battery;

3.Observe for 1h.

4.After the acupuncture test, the battery should not catch fire, explode or emit smoke;

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